Kij Johnson


Book-length fiction

The River Bank (novel)

The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe (novella)

At the mouth of the river of bees (collection of short fiction)

Fudoki (novel)

The fox woman (novel)

Tales for the long rains (collection of short fiction)

Dragon's honor (with Greg Cox)

Short fiction

The man who bridged the mist

Story kit

Names for Water



The cat who walked a thousand miles

26 monkeys! Also, the abyss

Wife reincarnated as a solitaire—Exposition on the flaws in my spouse's character—The nature of the bird—The possible causes—Her final disposition

The evolution of trickster stories among the dogs of North Park after the Change

Coney world

The Empress Jingū fishes

Elfrithe's ghost

At the mouth of the River of Bees

Dia Chjerman's tale

The knife birds

The snow wife

The horse raiders

Chenting, in the Land of the Dead

Crovax's tale

Old wars

The knife's edge

The heart of a minotaur

What dogs hunt in their dreams


The Renaissance fair

Fox magic

Schrödinger's cathouse

The emperor's new prose

Last dance at Dante's


Canine intervention

Ursula redux (with Phillip C. Jennings)

I [heart] my [dogface]

Hera's madness

Solving the homeless problem

Wolf trapping




Other published works