• Moon piggery….

    Moon piggery….

    (This is a moonpig or something? Maybe a moondog? Moonfrog? Anyway one leg in the back, two in the front, hideous expression, and man do I want one. Anyway, the Edinburgh museum from October.) Not much to pass on at the moment. This is a very involved week: three theses to discuss, plus a graduate comprehensive exam, plus a dissertation defense on Friday, plus two grant applications, one due on Friday as well. Read more…

  • Colette and me writing.

    Colette and me writing.

    (This was part of a scientific model from a Glasgow museum, in October.) So, it will be a surprise to no one that I am in therapy, and have been, off and on (but mostly on) for much of the last three decades. I keep typing and then deleting info about this, but I think I’ll just say this: it kept me alive. Read more…

  • Quick catch-up!

    Quick catch-up!

    (This was in Glasgow; I do love fancy carved stone.) Yesterday was wall-to-wall, from getting to the office by 8am to finishing class at 9pm. Home (where I ate everything that was in the front row of stuff of the refrigerator) and then back to the office before 8 this morning for a grad student examination — which they passed, so hurrah for that! Then lunch and the afternoon spent catching up on things for yesterday’s classes (plus some exciting writing-related things), and this evening spent working on my taxes. Read more…