Kij Johnson

News and announcements

"26 Monkeys, Also The Abyss" is published with new art (and mild revisions) in the literary magazine, World Literature Today, for their first special science fiction issue.

"Spar" is on the final Hugo Award Ballot!

Kij is interviewed by Jeremy L.C. Jones for Clarkesworld Magazine. Click here to read the interview.

"Spar" is on the final Nebula Award Ballot!

On Friday, January 15th, at 7:00pm, Kij read at the independent University of Washington Bookstore in the University District of Seattle, WA. This reading was presented by NW Media Arts and the University Book Store.

On Sunday, January 17th, Kij was thrilled to teach a class on narrative voice and form at Seattle's Richard Hugo House. For information, check it out.

"The Snow Wife" is published in translation in El Colombiano for their holiday Sunday supplement on December 20, 2009. It's a Medellín, Colombia, newspaper.

In 2010, Kij becomes vice chair on the board of the Clarion West Writers Workshop, taking on the role of chair in 2011. Kij attended this six-week workshop for writers of speculative fiction in 1987, and she says, "it changed my writing and my life in wonderful ways, as it has changed - and will change - the work and lives of hundreds of others. It is a great honor to be allowed to contribute to the workshop's future in this fashion."

"26 Monkeys, Also The Abyss" wins the 2009 World Fantasy Award!

Kij reads new material at 7:00pm on Saturday (October 17) at the Wayward Coffeehouse in Seattle (8570 Greenwood Ave North). Kij says, "Spread the news! I'll be giving away several copies of my novels."

"Spar" appears in the online Clarkesworld Magazine.

Kij presents the First Fandom Hall of Fame Award to James Gunn at Anticipation, the Montreal WorldCon. 

"26 Monkeys, Also The Abyss" is named a finalist for the 2009 World Fantasy Awards, to be given at the World Fantasy Convention in San Jose, California, October 29 - November 1, 2009. Kij will be in attendance at the convention.

Kij reads at 8pm on Saturday (May 16) at the Wayward Coffeehouse in Seattle. Kij says, "I'll be reading with SF writers Lancer Kind and Tim McDaniel. The Wayward's trying to make this a monthly thing, so come offer moral support!"

"26 Monkeys, Also The Abyss" wins the Asimov's magazine Readers Award for best short story of 2008. Go congratulate her on her Facebook page!

Diane Severson gives "26 Monkeys, Also The Abyss" a charming audio reading at, as part of their collection of the 2009 Nebula-nominated short stories. Click here to listen.

"26 Monkeys, Also The Abyss" is named a finalist for the Hugo awards, to be given at Anticipation, the Montreal WorldCon, in August.

"26 Monkeys, Also The Abyss" is now a finalist for the Nebula award.

"26 Monkeys, Also The Abyss" will be published in Chinese! Science Fiction World has accepted Guo Jianzhong's translation of the story. SF World has at least a million readers.

"26 Monkeys, Also The Abyss" is mentioned on Locus Magazine's 2008 Recommended Reading list.

"26 Monkeys, Also The Abyss" is a semi-finalist for the Nebula Award.

Kij is laid off from Real Networks. In her words, "The bad news is, layoffs at work. The good news is, I'm one of them." This prompts work on her newest novel, Kylen, with great enthusiasm.

Kij reads Saturday 11/1, at 1pm, at World Fantasy Con. If you're attending, come listen to Kij split an hour with Simon Unsworth, who is also on the ballot for "The Church on the Island."

"The Evolution of Trickster Stories..." is reprinted in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: 21st Annual Collection, edited by Ellen Datlow and Kelly Link and Gavin Grant, now out. Here's what Gary K. Wolf says about the story in the September 2008 issue of Locus Magazine, as part of his review of the collection:

"When these experiments in voice work at their best, they can produce a tale like Kij Johnson's 'The Evolution of Trickster Stories Among the Dogs of North Park After the Change,' the most startlingly original piece in the whole book, describing a world in which dogs, having gained primitive powers of speech, are abandoned by their owners and begin to develop their own folklore; the interpolated trickster tales of the dogs themselves are amazingly convincing, and not at all sentimental."

You can purchase the book from your local bookstore, or here. I attended the World Fantasy Convention this year, in Calgary, Alberta, 10/30-11/2. "The Evolution of Trickster Stories..." is on the World Fantasy Awards final ballot this year, and I'm not going to miss that! Wish me luck.

Kij's essay, "I Believe I'm A Climber," is broadcast on the National Public Radio's Weekend Edition Sunday, 8/31. Be sure and listen! The essay was written for the This I Believe project, which collects short statements of belief, written by people from all walks of life. The project is based on the popular 1950s radio series of the same name hosted by Edward R. Murrow.

"The Evolution of Trickster Stories Among the Dogs of North Park after the Change" is a finalist for this year's World Fantasy Award. The award will be given in Edmonton, Alberta, during the 2008 World Fantasy Convention. I'll definitely be at the convention, undoubtedly with a cunning little dress to wear.