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I always have ambitions for my work.

  • I want to be productive.
  • I want to be inspired to work more.
  • I want you to be surprised, moved, delighted, amazed.
  • I want to connect with you through stories: true stories and fiction, yours and mine.

A year or two ago, I set up a Patreon account as a way to encourage all these things. I wanted a place where I could post what was happening, and a way to hold myself accountable to the people who were most likely to encourage me, my readers. And it’s worked, better than I could imagined! Since I started the Patreon, I have written all sorts of things, ranging from crazily experimental extended lists to three-quarters of a novel (as of fall 2020…)

I post unpublished fiction over there for my patrons, and sometimes private musings about stories and process. I love hearing from people, and I adore the sense that I’m whispering secrets into interested ears. The money also makes a huge difference, especially these days, as my salary was cut in fall 2020 — infinitely preferable to furloughs or layoffs, but it’s never going to be pleasant! It’s not even about the amount (though that’s lovely); it’s about seeing that people care enough to be there. Most people donate a dollar or two a month; a few donate lots more — but what matters most to me is seeing that growing number of names: people I want to write for.

Connect with me on Patreon.