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I’m leaving for a few days in an hour or so, so I’m not feeling very creative. Still, here’s life at the moment:

Spider bite…seems to be recovering. I am hesitant to say that, because I thought that for three years, off and on, about the bite on my foot, and what was actually happening is that it kept healing over the infection and then reopening. But so far, so good!

Waiting to finalize some more (good) news to announce here. I know that’s vague. This sort of vague statement always reminds me of the South Sea Bubble scheme that asked investors for money, “for carrying on an undertaking of great advantage but no one to know what it is.” In essence, that’s what we do as vaguebookers: we ask for support (or congratulations) and emotional investment without explaining exactly what it’s for. I have certainly done that enough in the past!

This week I did something that was really hard for me, and I am feeling deeply proud of it: I called a doctor and made an appointment. I have a fraught history with doctors. In college, I had a very bad experience with a doctor which left me distrusting men doctors. When I broke down in 2005-2006, I had three terrible doctors (in a row) who took “sad” and made it “suicidal” by misdiagnosing and misusing meds, and after that I didn’t trust women doctors, either. I finally got a doctor when I came to Lawrence…who retired, leaving me with their spouse….who retired, leaving me with a stranger at that clinic…and then the office seems to have lost my medical records. And by that time, I didn’t trust anything to do with doctors, though I have made exceptions for the wonderful sports doctors I met in Seattle. Anyway, I knew I couldn’t go back to the place that lost my records and then were bitchy and stubborn on the phone, so I finally called the new doctor I have heard such great things about, and I will be going in in June to have my duPuytren’s looked at and start the long painful process of getting it addressed.

I get to see my brother and his family tonight! I am really happy about this, especially the chance to see Rich. I have lots going on these days, and he is one of the best places to talk things out. (Also, excellent Indian food.)

Grateful for many things today, everything from washing machines to the cat to summer skies.

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