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I had a wonderful time at ConStellation 13 in Lincoln! Everyone was lovely, and I enjoyed everything I was part of. I got to do my first-ever cosplay judging, which I have always wanted to do. I also did a reading at Francie & Finch, and talked on Nebraska Public Media’s Friday Live! show, and met with some classes at the university, and had a great time. I would love to go back next year.

I have been doing all this game editing, and loving it. As soon as classes are over, I can really focus on it for a month, and split my time between a short story I want to write and the editing. This would be my dream-life moving forward, so I want to see how it feels. I have already figured out a few things: I need separate desks for the two sorts of work, and I need more monitors for the editing work. And I need to stretch more often, but then, who doesn’t?

Semester is coming close to the end: my second-to-the-last KU undergrad class ever. I was talking to someone this weekend about what I could do with the final one. I said I wished I could just hand everyone fuzzy slippers at the first class and and teach fiction at half-speed with all the time in the world to nurture each other, and she said, Well why not? It’s my final class: it’s not like failing to work them hard enough would affect either my pay or their ability to write. “If you carry a plush toy to class, you will receive extra credit.”

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