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Mom’s doing well. She’s currently in short-term rehab, still very motivated to be home by this coming weekend. I am currently in Lawrence for the weekend, then up there for the week, then back home for the weekend, then Houston for a week, then ConQuesT in KC. So much driving, so many tanks of gasoline!

Hooding ceremonies yesterday. Brendan and Divya. I am just so deeply grateful to see these two completing their time here, moving forward into the future. Since Garrett is taking a leave of absence, I have finished the last of the people I selected as advisees for myself. I still am on three defenses this summer (chairing two), and on a final committee next year. I had taken a scooter over to where the ceremony was held and riding home realized, I loved so much about this job. Just…not where I was doing it.

Not that semester is really over: I still have grades to complete, which means going on campus to grab my materials there, reading the final projects, and posting everything.

It’s spring, it’s summer, it’s marching forward. Thinking and feeling go on; books get read and shows get watched; cleaning and dressing and eating and driving all happen. 2023 is rushing on, and I feel as though I haven’t really gotten a grip on things since last fall sometime. I don’t really have the mental wherewithal today to write something eloquent, but there will come a time again soon!

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  1. Thank you for giving us this update. As always, I so appreciate the nuanced view of your life. Sending good wishes and and much appreciation your way!

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