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This is mostly just a check-in….

The Good: 

  • “The Apartment Dweller’s Stavebook” is out! At DIAGRAM: http://thediagram.com/20_1/johnson.html 
  • My new teeth are awesome. We’re still adjusting the bite, but wow, it’s nice to have them. 
  • I went in to the doctor last week because my yoinked knee was not healing and in fact felt as though it was getting worse. I was dreading this for financial reasons (see below), but after X-rays, I know at least it’s not broken. There may be soft-tissue damage, but before we start racking up the copays, we’re trying RICE aggressively, plus a new anti-inflammatory. 

The Medium-to ugh:

  • Yeah, the knee is not recovering at all fast. 
  • An appearance this coming week was cancelled, which is almost $4000 I was relying on to pay my bills this summer, as I am not paid for three months of the year. This, combined with…
  • My taxes this year are higher than last year, so I am getting $1500 less back than I have gotten back every one of the last five years, means…
  • My summer is dire. My best-case scenario is not good: about $5k under where I need to be to pay my bills into September. If anything else goes wrong, it gets much worse. I am not as freaked out about this as I probably should be, I think because it hasn’t sunk in. 

Even on Patreon, I struggle with mentioning money, but yeah, if you ever thought about signing up, or doing a one-off donation, I would be deeply grateful. 

I became a college professor because I wanted to be free of worrying about money, and of course this is not the decade (or perhaps century) for that to be true. I try to be sensible and have money in the bank for emergencies, but living alone means everything is slightly more perilous: expensive car rentals (because my car still is not working well enough for driving to my mother’s house) and the accident (and new teeth) can strip an account faster than you can mow a lawn. The Iceland trip was only possible because of E’s generosity; most of the time I go places I am paid to go. It’s hard, as well, because there are others who are struggling, and in some cases struggling so much worse than I am. Still, here I am. 

But in an case, because this is a writing Patreon, here’s some news: back on the Sphinx story, restarting research on the new Vellitt Boe story, trying to find a home for “An Attempt at Exhausting An Attempt at Exhausting A Place in Paris by Georges Perec.” Wish me well!