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in person, 13-17 June 2022, Lawrence KS

I’ve decided to lead a developmental workshop for writers of short science fiction and fantasy, to be held in person in Lawrence, Kansas, 13-17 June 2022. This will be very small, no more than six people, and may be less. Workshop hours will be 1-4 each afternoon.

Why would you want to take this workshop? I’ve been teaching speculative fiction writing for 20+ years at venues that include GenCon, Clarion, Clarion West, and conventions; and for my day job, I’m an associate professor of creative writing at the University of Kansas. I’ve won a Hugo, three Nebulas, and three World Fantasy Awards for my short fiction; my short stories have been reprinted or translated hundreds of times. I think a lot about what makes a successful SF/F short story, and I love to share that with other writers.

What we do in this workshop will be determined by the attendees in the weeks before the workshop starts, but may include:

  • classic workshopping of completed stories
  • developmental discussions for early-stage stories and ideas
  • writing or reading assignments
  • discussions and talks

You will be responsible for finding your own housing. Lawrence is a charming town with great restaurants, about an hour from the Kansas City airport. We will use my house as a collective working space and social clubhouse in the hours before and after class.

Cost: $800 payable on acceptance. A scholarship may be available.

To apply, send an email to Kijjohnson@gmail.com. Subject line: 2022 Short Story Workshop Please include your name, contact information, a paragraph or two about yourself and your writing, an email address of phone number for a personal reference who is not a family member, and a 2-3 page sample of your writing.

Deadline for applying: 15 May 2022. I’ll make my decisions by 4/22, and I’ll then send further information to attendees.