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So why didn’t I catch you all up? It’s also been pretty unfocused these past few weeks (or maybe I say that every month…) I’m going to cover it all in sort of reverse order of thinking of it.

Spider bite. I got bitten by a brown recluse a few days back, on my right hand. Obviously this isn’t great, but it’s not as bad as you think–but, PRO TIP: don’t go look at pictures online. I have had two BR bites before this: one healed within a month or so, and the other took three years but was never very serious. So we’ll assume this one will also heal easily. I’ll keep you updated if anything goes wrong; if you hear nothing, assume things are what they are now, or slowly improving. But…spider bite!! Wah!

End of class. My Fiction Writing I class is now over, everything but the official posting of grades, which will be in an hour or two. I will teach one more time for KU, in the spring 2025. I was chatting with someone about this and saying that I wished I could, just once, teach writing in a way that was comforting and cuddly: “Hand everyone a pair of fuzzy slippers and a stuffie when they come to the first class,” were the exact words. And my companion said, “Well, why don’t you?” Why, indeed. So now I am thinking that I will redesign this class, again, one last time, this time for fun.

Freelance projects. Still so much fun! Details when the current project is ready to launch. 🙂 The sad part of working on Kickstarter projects before they have Kicked is that you can’t talk about it.

Commitment! Well, it kind of is: I got my first houseplant in years, and so far it is surviving. It’s a pothos (actually two of them) in a hanging pot, because: cat. It’s still alive two months after I got it, which is some sort of record for me. I am trying not to become emotionally attached because, like tropical fish, they always die.

Summer workshop preparation. It’s a Go. We have a contract for housing, we have money for housing from attendees, we have plans and dreams. Barbara and I have a full dance card this year. I always look forward to this.

Peak social media is now over, but how I miss being able to post somewhere and know that my friends would see it! At least there’s email. 🙂

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