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Five weekends ago, I was in Rice Lake WI. Mom had just had hip surgery and we had just moved her from the hospital to short-term rehab, both an hour from where I was staying. I had been leaving the house at 8am and getting home at 8pm or later.

Four weekends ago, I was back in Lawrence, hooding two of my last grad students. Ten hours of driving each way; 72 hours at home.

Three weekends ago, I was just finishing up another Rice Lake stay looking after my mom, still in short-term rehab. I drove, ten hours each way.

Two weekends ago, I was in Houston at Comicpalooza, talking and signing books, being hosted royally by Dom and Matt. I drove.

Last weekend, I was actually home but so so busy. I helped run a benefit auction at ConQuesT in KC. We were fundraising for the Ad Astra Institute, the new science fiction nonprofit Chris formed (I helped) after KU changed the rules to shut down our beloved Ad Astra Center. [Long story reflecting poorly on KU and certain faculty members, redacted.] The auction was terrifically successful (by our standards). Yes, there was some driving.

And this last week I have been back in Rice Lake (more driving). Mom is home now, but at 88 no major surgery is simple, so there have been follow-ups, sudden visits to urgent care, and regular PT.

As of next weekend my workshops start! I’ll be home for a whole month, and it makes me laugh, that all the intensity of running my workshops will still be the easiest part of the summer.

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  1. Here’s hoping you find a way to refuel yourself in the midst of everything! Thanks for the update; we are rooting for you!

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