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Cats are so helpful. But…yes, that is American Tour

The eye is ongoing. I have a follow-up in a month, but meanwhile my left eye’s vision is still sketchy, though technically it is now 20/20. After the tear on Saturday, it was 20/40, so hurrah. It feels strained, though, a little in the ways that conjunctivitis feels right before the itching starts….

All the other health things are getting better.  The knee, eight months after the accident, is still improving. The brown recluse bite healing, and every time I look at it I feel happy again, since it could have been horrible and is not. Back problems easing, provided I stretch. 

American Tour is slow but still advancing. I split a scene in chapter seven, and now I need to write the new scene, and then that really will be the last in this chapter. Of course, chapter seven happened when I split the old chapter six in half, so this is actually pretty significant progress.

Class yesterday was better than I had hoped. We are not 30% done with this semester’s classwork in this class. 

Rearranged the living room, just to make the house feel fresher. A little fresher, anyway. 

The rest of the world…is hard to read about. Lawrence is struggling: KU is at 10% positive amid minimal testing; crowded houseparties are still happening. Outside of this, there are so many things to grieve over or fear for, so many backsteps and collapses. I worry about the world, and feel very lucky and privileged to be safe, fed, roofed, and well.