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Baby possum, baby deer, baby squirrels, lots of fledglings. 

Tim helped me update my website, and I love the way it looks! I’ll be fiddling with it: I always do. It’s over at www.kijjohnson.com.

It’s been a wearying week. So many crises in the lives of so many friends. I am worried for everyone out West, hewre at KU, in a pandemic hotspot, in the US or India, and, well basically, everywhere. 

And then yesterday, I tore something inside my eye (and wow, is that not a thing you want to feel); an ER and an emergency ophthalmologist appointment later, it’s not a detached retina, but it is a posterior vascular detachment, which sounds just as bad but isn’t. The immediate result is that I have some vision loss in my left eye, and this may be a Thing from here on out. I don’t even know what the implications of this will be long run, but I am finding it very hard to read anything, including screens, at the moment. 

However, I am trying to finish Karin Tidbeck’s Amatka, which is brilliant! It’s dark and disciplined and heartshattering. 

Up until the ER visit, I was writing — a little slow, because this is a new scene and requires that I learn how to play faro, and then how to cheat at faro. No, Toad, doesn’t cheat at cards, but there are those in this world who think that fools have no business possessing money. We’re edging up to the ending of Chapter Seven! Much more than halfway.