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(This monster is a doodle from my current notebook. They are always full of them.)

That sounds more dramatic than it needs to be! Still, there is news and thoughts, and time passed doing this and that.

I was on vacation for a few weeks: a cruise with my mom and brother, then a couple of days in Seattle. The cruise was Alaska…for the fifth or sixth time. Mom is 85 or so and still mobile — she still runs her bookstore in Wisconsin — but she does like having all her stuff in one place, and a room to retreat to, and familiar food. Alaska is one of her favorite places, so cruises are the perfect solution for her. For me, slightly less so, but having my brother there as well was great.

I spent a couple of days in Seattle after that. It’s a strange place to be without Elizabeth and the pied-à-terre in West Seattle. Many people I know in Seattle were in Ireland or the UK, so I stayed in Ravenna with lovely generous hosts Huw and Kate, and caught up with a few of the friends I knew best in the old days, the people I stayed with when I moved back in 2005, Scott and Jeanine, and Lisa and Shawn. And then home: a departmental retreat Friday, a departmental picnic on Saturday, yoga pants and writing yesterday, and now the semester starts.

Last night I got a great bit of news: “The Apartment Dweller’s Stavebook” was taken by DIAGRAM, one of my favorite literary magazines. Should be out in the next year.

And…I (sort of) finished another story, “The Apartment Dweller’s Alphabetical Dreambook.”

More, and more often as I settle back into the school year. I have been thinking and reading a lot about writing and fear and I’ll share some of this, but today, I have a lot of work I want to get done. More later–