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The Gunn Center’s summer program is underway, which means I am busy in unpredictable ways. Yes, I will be hanging out with people, and writing (or trying), and making dinner plans and sleeping (never nearly enough). We will probably (but not certainly) watch movies some evenings. I will play with the cat. I will do laundry. But in what order, on what schedule? Who will I spend the most time with? Why?

Because the new place isn’t yet ready for me, I am staying in the scholarship hall with the attendees. I’ve stayed here before, many times: when I lived in Seattle, when I lived in North Carolina. In 2012, I lived in the dorm for a month, with all my stuff in a baking-hot storage facility, part of a summer of living out of suitcases: leaving Raleigh at the beginning of May, then Columbia with Barbara, Rice Lake with my parents, an Alaska cruise (ditto), the dorms with everyone, Seattle with Elizabeth, a hotel in Lawrence, the new home at last, eleven days after promised, in mid August. So this isn’t even the worst of them.

But this time. It’s hard to stay good-humored and centered — if in fact I would have been those things at the moment. I am ready to start unpacking boxes. I want furniture in places I have planned. I want to get used to the sounds of the new place, and to eat at my own table. I want some calm.

More anon, I am sure.