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Been to the gym for weights three times and walking one day. This is Week Two of this excitement.

Finished a draft of “Noah’s Raven,” which I wrote about over on Patreon. I set this story as a challenge because I had been having trouble writing at all. I had some revelations in July, and since then have written three experimental fiction pieces and two bits of experimental nonfiction, and it was time to see if I could leverage what I have learned about my process into conventional fiction. So it was meant to be short and non-reflexive, with an actual storyline. What I have now is a complete draft, 3000 words, more or less classic storytelling without furbelows. And, it was fun. On to the revision stage now.

Visiting friends Barbara and Seth at the moment. My car is of course untrustworthy so I rented a car, sort of checking out whether I could live without one. So far the answer is, yes. I have a scooter, I have strong legs, I have Lyft and Uber, and I have an Enterprise Car rental within minutes of my house. I’ve been doing the math, and it will cost almost exactly the same amount whether I have a car or don’t, though the emotional and self-identity parts of not owning one will have their impact, as well. We will see.

Fall appears to have come to the plains: I dug out a sweater a couple of days ago, and wept with gratitude to be out of the four tee shirts I own and into something with a turtleneck and sleeves.

And that’s life this week! Writing always has a way of simplifying everything.