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My first-ever short-story developmental workshop starts tomorrow, and I am deeply excited. I always am about summer workshops, but this has the additional fun of being a new experiment. Will it work? Will it be successful for the people attending? Will it be as exhilarating as I hope it will be? Will I get a short story out of it myself? Will I run out of cups? All valid questions. I’ll be posting daily updates in Patreon posts — locked because I’ll be thinking through a story or three while I am teaching.

I visited my mom for a week — 88, somewhat curled over, still elegantly turned out, still busy running a used bookshop in northern Wisconsin. She does jigsaw puzzles, she reads history books, she naps with a cat in her lap. She eats a lot of starches and breads (which I don’t) and instead of eating big meals she snacks continually, so I am always a little hungry and under-nourished when I am there. I’m planning on spending more time with her this fall; clearly I will need a counterstrategy that keeps me fed. Apart from this, I am looking forward to the time. The last few years of my dad’s life, as the Alzheimer’s took hold, I made a point of visiting as often as I could and restoring antique radios with him. By the end he couldn’t help much, but that didn’t matter: I was doing it to connect, so that after his death I could say, I left nothing undone. (Though of course there are things that didn’t get done.) I would like to be able to say that about my mother, as well.

There has been lots of Ad Astra stuff, as well. The ConQuest benefit auction was a success (and a lot of fun to do — thank you to Desiree, Emma, Dave, Dawn, and Lauren!), and Chris McKitterick and I gave a presentation at the convention about Ad Astra’s plans, which was well received. We’ve had a planning meeting and have stuff to do this summer, but things really kick in this fall. I am not going to go into detail today, but more later!

I always love summer, but it’s a busy time for me: always there are workshops to run and there’s usually a bunch of travel. I generally get three weeks off somewhere in the summer, when I mostly just sit outside at Taco Zone, drinking their excellent margaritas and chatting with people. This summer is just like that, though the events are different. Someday I will have a real summer!

Any other news? Well, lots of interesting things are happening in the background, but they haven’t percolated to being announceable and discussible. (Discussable? Worthy of discussion?) In the meanwhile, health and cat and life are all good. I am figuring ways to get work done when anxiety is no longer the goad it once was. From the outside, life doesn’t really look any different; I am not yet sure how different it is from the inside!