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I have had a lot of trouble the couple of months with regular check-ins of any sort — weekly Skype calls with friends, phone calls to my mom, this blog. I was blaming it on being so close to the end of American Tour, and it’s true, at the end stages of a book, I am usually pretty useless for anything more than brooding about the book; but even then I knew it was more than that. I could write you a long list of things that were interfering with feeling good about anything at all, KU’s irresponsible approach to the pandemic being toward the top of that list. So many others, as well, plus a hard-to-wrestle rage about a bunch of things, plus, plus, plus. I am powerless about many of the things that are bothering me; and others are still trapped in the amber of the future, tomorrow’s problems.

But I think there’s no point to writing about them. You all have your frustrations, as well, the things that are driving you to anxiety or depression, fear or anger. I mean, we all do, right now. So I think instead I just want to say the following: I finished the book! Nine days ago, I sent the draft of American Tour to my editor, and then to a handful of early readers, people who helped with the first book.The first couple have written back with their suggestions, which I 90% agree with. Now I’ll wait to hear from the editor, and then start compiling and fixing everything everyone came up with.

Next project? I have three shorter projects to work on this fall:

  • Novelette for the short story collection I am trying to finish, perhaps half done?
  • Sphinx short story, currently about half done
  • Crow space opera, not even started
  • An experimental piece that I am planning to work on over the winter break, when I am in Iceland

None of them have quite gelled for me yet, but if I keep trying, eventually one will.

Classes start next week. I have…lots of feelings about this, but I am lookii9ng forward to the structure of Things to Do Every Day. I’m eager to get it all going so that it can start getting done.