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I was gone all of last week, coteaching an online class with Barbara and staying at her house while I did so. We’ve now jointly taught classes online and face to face; this was an attempt where the attendees were online, but she and I were face to face. And we loved it. It was energetic and productive, and I at least really enjoyed spending more time with Barbara than I usually get to. She says she liked seeing me, too, so win-win, I guess.

My airconditioning had been broken for three weeks; the replacement was put in the day I returned home. It was a pleasure to come home to a cool, not to say chilly, house, and to shiver under a woolly blanket, that first night. The next day I set everything back to more reasonable temperatures, and today, in fact, my windows are open. I love being able to hear the outside world and smell the air.

One of the things I did while I was at Barbara’s was thinking about what I want from the next year. I am vaccinated and not especially concerned about delta at the moment, so I ended up eating out a lot while my air-conditioner was out, and even attended a couple of parties. It was all great, but I realized that I could so easily slip back into the amount of socializing and errand-running I used to do, and I actually don’t want to. This has been a hard time for many, but for me, all the solitude and time for my own projects was a gift. I wrote a lot; I deepened some important friendships; I changed my mode of engagement with the world. I want to maintain all these things: not pick my evening activities because someone else wants me to pick them, not throwing things in the way of my writing. Alas, I still have a day job so that at least is mandatory; but what else is? Less than I ever imagined, two years ago.

So I’ll be simplifying back to a hybrid of last year: cooking again; grocery-shopping once every three weeks (and errand-running about that often); carefully planning for friends and visits. I am looking forward to the calm.

I also am looking forward to returning to American Tour. With “Ratatoskr” finished, I can tr and close out this book. There are still perhaps fifteen more scenes. I’ll be trying to finish one a week at minimum. Wish me well!

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  1. I’m so glad you had a good visit and teaching experience with Barbara. Best wishes as you move forward with your wonderful work!

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