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There were so many of these….

  • Norse Cookery: A Cook Book of Popular Norwegian Recipes (1960), no author, published by the College City Press, in Northfield MN — which, incidentally, my family used to own, though not, I think, when this was published. There wasn’t a single copy of this, even on Abe.
  • From Norwegian Kitchens to Your Kitchen (“Choice Recipes Compiled by Bergquist Imports, 1412 Highway 33, South Cloquet, Minnesota 55720”), no author and no date! 124 pages of such delights as “Leverkake (Norwegian Liver Dish).” Actually available on Abe, for $4.99, plus shipping.
  • Notably Norwegian: Recipes, Festivals, and Folk Arts, with an actual author, Louise Roalson, from 1982. Much more of a thick pamphlet than a cookbook, but it does have recipes. They cannot give this one away; copies on Amazon start at $1.28.
  • What You Have Eaten in Norway: Popular Norwegian Dishes, Buster Holmboe, 1956. It’s charmingly illustrated, one of my two books that are about Norwegian (instead of Norwegian-American or even Swedish) cooking. They have a recipe for half-fermented trout, but I bet if you forget for a few days, you have fermented trout.
  • Cooking Scandinavian: 100 Recipes from the Best Home Cooks, by Shirley Sarvis and Barbara Scott O’Neil, 1963. Also charmingly illustrated. There’s only one copy on Abe, so don’t delay!
  • Norway’s Delight: Dishes and Specialties, Elise Sverdrup, 1957. Part of a series of souvenir books called Tanum’s Tokens of Norway, which includes everything from Introducing the Lapps to A Time for Trolls.
  • Smörgåsbordet: Swedish Hors d’Oeuvres, Gerda Simonson, 1939. How did a Swedish book get in here? This is the third enlarged edition, mind you. I have a vague recollection of a post in my old LJ called “Food of my (neighbor’s) people,” so perhaps I have been here before this? Ah, Chicken in Aspic….
  • Ballard’s First Cookbook: 90 Years of Scandinavian Heritage, which was evidently published by the Ballard First Lutheran Church in Ballard WA (my old home). No listing on Abe or Amazon, no frills, no date, though each recipe has its author listed.
  • Cooking the Norwegian Way, a part of the “Easy Menu Ethnic Cookbooks” series, I see. Um, what? Is there also a Cooking the Danish Way? How granular are they? Cooking like a Trømsøer? It comes from a Minneapolis publisher, so there might actually be exactly that. Author, Silvia Munsen, 1982 again.

I can see a sidetrack in my 1000 books thing: to find and report my old Food of my People posts from 2008, back on Livejournal, Stay tuned.

Am I keeping them? I can’t possibly get rid of them until I stop grossing out my friends.