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…and I loved it. This was a proof of concept: is it possible to run a workshop without access to the dorms and other KU facilities (however inadequate)? Is it possible to do a constructive developmental workshop with people you don’t know? What’s the optimimum number of attendees and program length, and what should be covered? Here are some of my takeways:

  • Five days is great.
  • Designed as it currently is, six is probably a perfect number of attendees.
  • Writing during the scheduled workshop time is important.
  • People were able to find housing and transport to and from Lawrence.
  • I will make some changes to what I talk about, but focusing on the process and not the product (i.e., the story, worked out well, I think.)
  • I was lucky in the crew I had; in future sessions I will want to look for applicants with the skillsets this group had.

As far as my own work went, I got more than half the first draft of a shirt story that will be going into my collection — which needs to be done in the next couple of weeks. (Some details of the short story experience are in my locked Patreon, here.) So: win and win.

Over the next weeks, I’ll also be traveling with Elizabeth, trying to finish the collection (which means this story) and the re-revision of The American Tour. Plus of course, before I go all the things that have to be done for the trip, plus all the prepping for class that will have to happen once I get back. Plus other thing! Wish me well, my doves!