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Hasty, hasty, hasty! It’s been a very busy week and will be an even busier week. So five or more things…

I am writing application packets for fellowships for next year. I applied for these last year and did not get them, alas. These are new projects. Cross your fingers for me!

There are many things hanging fire: different fellowships, editorial feedback on The American Tour, a for-hire short story I agreed to do (and now not just waiting for a schedule and guidelines), news about when “Ratatoskr” will be published. It’s hard to start anything with all of these maybes out there.

It’s a very family fortnight: I saw my brother and nephew this weekend, and I’ll be seeing my mother and brother next. All very enjoyable, though at the moment, I am as a result days behind on everything.

Fall is definitely approaching: leaves falling, nighttime temps much lower than a month ago, the sunlight growing more golden with the days, the first fall rain. I am impatient to dig out my sweaters and scarves. I’m not really a summer clothing person, so I only have a few things I wear again, and again, and again. Come wintertime that is also true (how many days a week can you wear black turtlenecks? All of them), but I have more turtlenecks than I have summer blouses.

Fall break is coming!

And that is all I have time for. Who knows, maybe I’ll have something new to stay next week!

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  1. Best wishes on your many projects, and hope you get a nice recharge when fall break comes around!

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