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This is a very unsettling week or two, but here’s current status on things….

I am still planning on Iceland. As things stand, the risk-to-benefits ratio is still on the Go side, though I am a little nervous about getting home in a timely way if Icelandair cancels more flights. But I need to finish the revision of The American Tour, and that means I need to get away.

Not loving my job. We’ll just leave it at that for the moment. 🙂

Ear is still not working properly. So, I saw the doctor on Monday for tinnitis and sudden extreme hearing loss in my right ear. There was no wax but there was water inside the ear drum, so she prescribed steroids. But while she was there, she looked into my left ear. It turned out there was an infection in the ear canal, so she gave me antibiotic drops. On Wednesday, the left ear suddenly stopped working: massive hearing loss. I gave it a few days, because I thought it might just bhe a stage in the ear’s recover — and then it was the weekend and too late to get it looked at. Meanwhile, the right ear still has the tinnitis, though it’s slightly better. So tomorrow I’ll have to call the doctor again and have her look at my ears again and I’ll have to fit that in somehow to a schedule that has 3-6 meetings or classes or events per day and sooner is better than later, but tomorrow is already a 14-hour day.

Started thinking about the new short story (if it ends up being a short story)….

Actually, there’s a lot going on, as always,. but some of it I am not quite ready to talk about. Perhaps next week!