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(This cat was from Edinburgh last year: I am not looking at newer photos because then I’ll have to deal with my feelings about losing four months of them when my phone died: trip photos, family photos, workshop photos—-argh. Also, doesn’t he look comfortable?)

I started the week with something wrong with my middle ear and a cold that was lingering longer than my colds usually do; and I end the week in an identical position. A second visit to the doctor was reassuring, insofar as he said, this ear thing isn’t actually doing damage — it’s uncomfortable and makes it hard to hear, but it’s not an infection that might be damaging the ear drum or anything. However and alas, it’s treatable and it takes forever to go away.

Anyway, no World Fantasy Conference for me, which is the responsible adult thing with this ear. And responsible adult actions deserve rewards! So after posting this, I’ll stroll downtown on this glorious sunny afternoon and purchase something frivolous, such as postcards.

Oh yeah, writing! Just restarted after two weeks of being sick or miserable or both. Revising a project that I want finished by the middle of the week. Wish me well……