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(And to fill out the set, here’s my mom, from the Victory, from the same trip. This sweater was a favorite pattern of hers; I feel as though she knit several of it.)

Staying isolated is hard, especially in the early stages. I still need the AT&T folks to come to my house and set up the internet. I still need to get the stuff from my office on campus home — my work chair, a huge whiteboard, my computer. I still am short of some things that I am having trouble ordering. 

Today was more productive than yesterday, yet somehow didn’t achieve as much as I wanted. I did go into the office, because I can’t skype from home yet — this is the downside of all those years of tall fences between home and work, that now that I have to bring it home, I can’t really even imagine it, let alone have the infrastructure for it. 

While I was on campus, Barbara and I chewed over what we’re going to do for the summer novel workshop and the Repeat Offenders advanced workshop, based on possible futures. We have a Plan A, a Plan B, a Plan C, and a corollary that operates alongside whichever plan we end up with. I’ll let you know what all of this looks like, perhaps next week. 

This morning was Day Two of trying to get back into mental position for writing. I’m not going to talk about the specific project I’m focusing on, until I get it moving again, but I will say it’s book-length and it’s something I’ve talked about before this. That leaves you with something like five or six alternatives, doesn’t it?