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Yesterday was truly shelter in place for me — I only left the house once, for a mile walk to start getting my knee working properly again — and here’s what I have already learned: 

  • I could really get used to not having departmental meetings. 
  • Since the gym is now closed and I’m not running around downtown, my day job, writing work, and all the recreational activities left to me, consist of me sitting/standing/strolling as I carefully eye something less than five feet from my face, and often less than two. This needs to change.
  • Working by myself at home is efficient but just as mentally fatiguing as a longer day spent in coffeeshops or the office. During an old-normal day, I took my downtime in dribs and drabs: same mental load spread across twice the time. 
  • The first lil speck of a baby squirrel! This one was a bit bigger than the toddler babies I had at the old house last year, but then, this isn’t quite so safe a neighborhood if you’re a baby squirrel. 
  • This back deck is a fine thing. 
  • Now that I am not in and out of the house so often, the house stays cleaner than I thought it would with me here 24/7 — except for the kitchen.
  • Wearing black full-time always seemed like a good idea, but right about now,  I would kill for a red teeshirt. I daydream about old gold and fawn and dark teal. 

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  1. Kij, keep putting into words some of my similar feelings regarding working at home. Day 8 for me.

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