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I have really been randomized these few days:

  • New cat now has a name, Disweet. However, she still doesn’t like to be picked up. I missed her well-cat exam because she vanished and could not be found.
  • Jurat and Disweet are not getting along yet, but they are now willing to be in the same room at the same time. They are both affectionate and charming cats, and they both think I need to belong entirely to them.
  • Saturday, Jurat tried to get out, and I badly jammed my thumb trying to stop her. Not broken and healing fast, thank god. Still eight shades of purple.
  • My Thanksgiving plans fell through suddenly on Sunday in a moderately annoying way, but it’ll be fine: I have a friend, a smoked turkey, and some mimosas in my future.
  • I have been working out a lot. This is Week Nine, a balancing act between strengthening and reinjuring my shoulder, lower back, left hip and/or knees. So far so good. My body does not look in the least different, but I am stronger now and my knees let me squat now. And my energy is odd these days: I am higher energy when I am awake, but I’m sleeping a lot more than normal.

(This blurry photo is from my trip to England when I was in college, many many years ago.)