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Yesterday, I attended the Association for Rural and Small Libraries conference, held this year in Wichita, and had the chance to talk to a bunch of librarians about my new collection. Small Beer Press is putting out a limited hardcover run, mostly for libraries; but of course anyone can order them.

…which, by the way, if you like hardcovers, you can order one of them from Small Beer, if not Amazon: https://smallbeerpress.com/forthcoming/2023/03/14/the-privilege-of-the-happy-ending/#more-20565

I go to a wedding next week (hurrah!), and when I come back, I am suddenly in crunch-time: an appearance in St. Paul, then the book release, then World Fantasy, then a reading in St. Paul, and then back-to-back artist’s residencies. I return just barely in time for the new semester. It’s hard to imagine finding much writing time between now and the residencies, but I really am enjoying the work lately — I say “work” rather than “writing” because so far it’s all been research and outlining.

It’s still very warm in the afternoons but cool enough at night that I can leave the windows open, and the leaves are starting to fall everywhere. I like weather changes, and part of it for me is the way the sunlight turns slightly more golden as it lowers to the south. The pigeons eating sunflower seeds on my deck are spangled with shadows, the warmer tints in their feathers highlighted by the sun. I tossed the ends of a bunch of celery, and a few squirrels have been systematically taking them away, leaping into the surrounding trees with six-inch stalks trailing from their mouths. It’s a small, quiet delight. I hope that there’s something you see today that is as pretty and charming.