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There are three more weeks of this semester, which is to say, three more weeks of working fulltime for KU, and then this place turns into a part-time gig for me. There’s a lot of say about this, and about what I expect I’ll be doing next — but not today, I think. Here are things I did this week:

Embroidered a lot. I love the little Kiriki projects, and have made a few over the years, but in the last few months I got hooked on sewing these pretty little creatures. What will do when I have a bushel of these little things? No idea.

Caught up with podcasts, especially Saga Thing and Gastronaut, both of which I really enjoy. Also, see above: podcasts and delicate embroidery projects go together perfectly.

Dinners and cocktails with friends. So many dinners! All lovely. And zooms, and visits.

Spring came! And then we had a storm one night, and it’s cold again, but still bright. And there are flowers everywhere, and the air smells like growing things, and the rabbits and squirrels, the robins and crows, are everywhere.

More next week, all.

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