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This Thursday, I’m reading, 7pm at Prairie Lights Bookstore in Iowa City. I’m really looking forward to the chance to read here, my first time ever. If you are nearby, I hope you will join me! I am really looking forward to this.

I’m also excited that my short story, “Country Birds,” will be coming out in Sunday Morning Transport in two weeks. I’ll post the link when it comes out.

Taught my first KU class in a while, a beginning creative writing course. The class is more than half STEM majors, which is my favorite sort of student — they often have so much creativity, and sometimes nowhere but this class to put it. It was a pleasure. Depending on how next year ends up, this is my next-to-last class at KU and perhaps in academia


I was having some challenges last week, so I started work on Blanket Fort 2024. That’s not to say I have had blanket forts in previous years. This is my first since I was little, but I have a feeling that this is a year when a blanket fort is a good idea It turns out an adult blanket fort can be extremely comfortable. As all blanket forts should, mine has lots of pillows and toys and a Parcheesi set and some cards and some comfort books; but it also has back support. I’m not sharing pictures, because being invited into someone’s blanket fort is special, and you’re not actually here, dear readers. BF24 is designed to be a medium-term installation, to be left up until the election cycle is over — or until I need the mattress when people come to stay. Because it turns out that’s what guest room mattresses are for, is blanket forts.

The blanket fort is for Times of Trial. If I have things to do and I go in there, it needs to be a Time of Trial, not merely because I don’t want to do the things. No games on my phone. No hard pants. I think those are the rules.

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