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Finally! We had to get some things cleared up before we could announce this:

Kij Johnson’s and Barbara J. Webb’s Two-Part Online Novel Workshop

June 6-11 and July 11-16, 2021

Want to learn how to write a science fiction or fantasy novel?

Kij and Barbara are hosting a two-week online workshop for you to learn some tips, tricks, and theories of novel-writing, and then to put what you learn to work.

This workshop is limited to no more than eight students.

Who are we?

Kij Johnson has won the Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy Awards, and teaches creative writing and fantasy at the University of Kansas. Barbara J. Webb is a popular online novelist. We’ve been teaching live workshops on writing genre novels for more than ten years, and have developed some interesting strategies and approaches that have helped writers like R. K. Kuang, Corey J. White, Marlee Jane Ward, Christie Yant and others.


Week One (6-9pm CDT, June 6-11)

Daily talks, exercises, and work sessions give you the information you need to plot a novel. We’ll start from the basics of structure, then move into the unique requirements of long-form genre fiction. By the end of the week, we’ll have set you on the way to developing a plot for the novel you want to write.

Starting during Week One and running until the end of Week Two, we’ll have a 24/7 space available for you to work together or hangout as desired. Kij and Barbara may check in there, as well. You’ll spend that month developing an outline, synopsis, or story notes, and then return for….

  • Day One:    Getting started: what we do and how
  • Day Two:   Novel approaches to plot (the 100 scenes, the W); general discussion
  • Day Three: Worldbuilding, large and small (immersion, the world plot)
  • Day Four:   Novel approaches to character (Triangles, Pentagrams, and more)
  • Day Five:    Problem solving your book before it starts: Q&A
  • Day Six:      Setting you up to move forward
Week Two (afternoons and evenings, July 11-16)

This week is all about your projects. Using the tools we learned and new tools for analysis, we will workshop the actual project you’ve brought us with an eye to:

  • re-applying the skills and discussions from week one to analyze the story documents, looking for weak points in characterization, world, or story.
  • discussing strategies to identify these problems at the outline stage.
  • revising the outline/synopsis/story notes to create a solid tool for launching into the writing process.
  • tools to address stalling out, even when you have a solid outline

We strongly recommend you not plan on working your day job during Week Two.


 $1100, payable on acceptance by check or to my Paypal, at kijjohnson@gmail.com. Some scholarships may be available.

To apply

Before 5/1/21, send kijjohnson@gmail.com and bjwebb@gmail.com an email with the header 2021 Online Novel Workshop, with the following information:

  • What sort of project you are focusing on: SF, epic fantasy, space opera, urban fantasy, etc. The more specific you are, the better
  • Any experience with writing workshops
  • Any previous experience with writing novels
  • Assurance that you will be free for afternoon (Central Daylight Time) sessions during Week Two, 7/11-16.

We have rolling acceptance, so applying early is preferred.

We will let you know whether you are accepted. Payment is on acceptance.


We’ll be using Whereby.  There will be meeting rooms and chatrooms.

(A pdf with this info is here)