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I live a largely secular life, but I spent the first eighteen years of it living in parsonages next door to Lutheran churches. The patterns of my year were defined by school, but almost equally by the patterns of my dad’s job: especially labor-intensive Advent and Lent, with extra services every week and each ending in a mad rush of events, services and receptions almost back to back for days in a row. Easter was a particular frenzy: services for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, midnight vigils on Saturday and then Sunday: sunrise services, 8:30 am services, 11 am services. Dad invariably collapsed with a head cold brought on by exhaustion after the run-in to Easter. Easter dinner for us was usually much as any other Sunday dinner: porkshops or chicken, mashed potatoes, broccoli, and no deserts, because in my family we didn’t do regular deserts.

There was, however, an Easter basket for Richard and me, and cards for everyone in the family: bright cellophane grass in a woven plastic basket, chocolate rabbits, jelly beans; once in a while a sugar egg with a diorama inside; sometimes an actual note from the Easter Bunny, usually typed on my mom’s Selectric. I woke up this morning with a bounce because Easter Sunday means a new dress and an Easter basket, even though that hasn’t been true for forty years or so.

Not so much to report, but here are five things, or more:

Back to the book! I have to not think too much about what still needs to be finished, but I am at least marching forward again. Since the worse of my semester is over as far as departmental service goes, I think I’ll be able to maintain a regular work schedule through the end of the semester. Will it be done by then? Perhaps….

Online Novel Workshop applications are coming in, which is great. Do consider applying!

Spring is here, and how, very how. All my windows are open and all my fans are running, and even so it’s actually growing warm in the living room, where a wall of west-facing windows turns this place into a greenhouse, at least until the trees have leafed out enough to shield them. I have been sitting outside, reading P.D.James on the detective novel, and not reading grad student work.

It always takes a little adjusting when the seasons shift. I am completely ambitionless at the moment, though in a few weeks I’ll be used to the heat and the sunlight, and I’ll have reset my brain to a different mode of living: skirts instead of jeans, iced tea instead of coffee. I have a certain amount of work to get done this week, though!

The last step of buying a car: I finally got my registration stuff, so I can now get a new license plate! I have never gotten a vanity plate; should I?