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(Locked Patreon post over here.)

School starts this week, and it’s absolutely delightful for this not to be relevant to me. Yes, I am on 25% phased retirement, but mostly I don’t have much stuff I consider dayjob work this fall: I worked so hard on grad students that defended their theses and dissertations during my (unpaid) summer that I could be considered to have already used up my teaching-earmarked hours for the fall semester. But in any case, what I am supposed to focus on this fall is research, which is easy enough when I have one book getting published, a second book into the publisher, and short fiction to do.

Easy enough. I wrote that and I laughed and laughed. I’ll be really busy this fall (and in the spring), but eventually one of my barriers to writing, lack of time, will be gone. The next barrier will then pop up like the plates at a Country Buffet: no matter how many plates you remove, another one always pops up. I even know what the next plates are likely to be, because I have seen them before. This is a problem I’ll be thinking through over on my Patreon, I expect.

…I have been sitting here staring at my keyboard for five minutes, trying to think of what else I’ve been up to. Watching a lot of Dr. Who? Well, yeah. Lovely social activities with different friends last week? Those were lots of fun! Progress on Jim’s house? So much progress. The weather, bleah. Haircuts, Swedish death-cleaning, knitting a laptop case, patting the cat, reading. Short answer: okay-to-excellent but not compelling stuff going on, but just a little too much at the moment for me to start musing.

Anyway, there will be more by next week, I know that!