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Plenty is going on!

I am writing! New short story collection is a go for next year (from Small Beer Press), and I am in the middle of a short story which will be published first there. A draft of the first scene is over on my Patreon in a locked post: https://www.patreon.com/posts/69210321. The collection is due 9/1, so I will be really, really busy between now and then. This also means that the rewrite of American Tour is on momentary hiatus.

Barbara and I are starting to put together the Novel Architects Masterclass for next month. We’ve done most of this work already, for last year’s version — but there’s always new stuff to add and change. As always, working with Barbara is one of the highlights of my year.

Elizabeth is staying with me. This has been pleasant as ever, despite the heat, the spiders, and the wasp nest in my sun shelter. We’re both really busy at the moment, so our socializing happens somewhat in the crevices of our deadlines.

Lots of exciting things are happening with the Ad Astra Center for Science Fiction and the Speculative Imagination, Chris McKitterick’s (and my) new brain child. More details when I am not quite so rushed, but there’s a Twitter and FB.

My covid is gone, and there seem to be no long-term effects, thank goodness. Ot’s a little hard to tell, because the air in Lawrence is inhumanly hot, humid, and full of weird particles that are making us all wheeze a bit.