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I am still on hiatus from email, social media, and the internet, but Happy New Year! 2021 was tedious, joyous, terrifying, fun, productive, and exhausting. I did get a lot done….

  • I finished 65,000 words for a project for Petersen Games.
  • I finished a draft of The American Tour: 95,000 words that is, perhaps even as you read this, being winnowed down to 75,000 words.
  • I wrote “Ratatoskr,” a short story for an online magazine. I hope they actually publish it! Eventually I will bring it back home and sell it to someone else.
  • I finished a draft of a story that at the moment is called “Seven Sphinxes and 100 Questions,” though it only has one Sphinx and many more than a hundred questions.
  • I saw two flash pieces published in the North American Review, “Courier” and “Eight Kinds of Tentacle Love.”
  • I sold two books into Turkish publishers, and various small presses.
  • I was accepted into the Royal Society of Arts.
  • With Barbara, I taught a two-week intensive novel-writing workshop in a format new to us, and hosted an online Repeat Offenders. This got me back into the sort of teaching I like best.
  • People. I saw my mom, eventually. I saw my brother, I saw Barbara. I was able to see my local friends , as well.
  • I applied for fellowships I didn’t get, but was accepted to a residency in Iceland which is less money but very pleasant (in prospect; I am writing this before I leave).
  • I got through yet another year at KU.
  • I got moderately good news about future plans: I will be able to retire some day, instead of working until I die, as I had always expected.

Plans for 2022:

  • Submit final of The American Tour to the publisher.
  • Submit final of second short story collection to the publisher.
  • Appearances: Broward College and West Virginia University so far.
  • I’ll be applying for promotion to full professor.
  • Barbara and I will be teaching summer workshops again this year!
  • Some new short stories, I hope! I am contracted for two, and there are two others I would like to work on.

4 thoughts on “Welcome, 2022…from beyond time!

  1. Wow, quite a year. Oh, how wonderful that you will be able to retire. As someone who did not give enough thought to this as I was starting out my working life, I can guess how wonderfully welcome that news is. And, and, and–the Royal Society of Arts! Numerous publications! Numerous *words*. Thanks for all this wonderful news. Happy New Year!

  2. The RSA? I used to work in the building opposite and we sometimes had meetings there. Never did find out what they do. But you have been impressively busy. I came here because of Vellitt Boe and River of Bees and wondered what was next, so I now have River Bank on order, with a little trepidation. It’s one my favourites, but I trust you.

    1. Hi, Steve! Sorry it took me so long to reply: I forgot to check this collection of comments from new people. Do tell me whether you liked the book?

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