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Well, all week I have been struggling to write (or do anything else), but today has gone moderately well. And anyway, here are my words over in a locked Patreon post: https://www.patreon.com/posts/69554782. I am really enjoying writing this story, but I admit I can’t wait to read it when it’s finished.

There’s been a lot of fatigue, which might be the remnants of the covid, or it might be the heat (until yesterday, we had temps over a hundred, plus massive humidity). Or it might be leftover from travel generally, or it might be this and that and all the other things? I feel better now. At this age, I know that if I feel bad, I will always feel better if I can just start writing again. I never feel really terrible if I am writing. Ten years ago, I could not have said that!

Novel masterclass starts a week from yesterday. I adore teaching this, so I have nothing but excitement about it. In december, Barbara and I will be teaching another version of this. Between now and then I want to have a draft of this story finished; I want to have finished the syllabus for the fall class; I want a schedule for the next year (which will be very busy); I want to finish an important letter; I want to start prepping my talks for my September visit to WVU.

Did I mention WVU? I may not have, since we haven’t officially announced anything. I’ll be giving a reading and talk there in September. Chris and Jim were there a few years back, and they said it was a wonderful place. I am really looking forward to this, though I have research to do before I go, of course. I am thinking of talking about immersion and estrangement, but what to read, what to read that supports this?

I’ve been knitting a(nother) giant scarf, which means I am also bingeing something I have watched before, something I can follow with my ears and not much looking up. This time, it’s GRIMM, in honor of staying a block or two from the park where they shot basically every woodland scene. There was some excellent acting from David Giuntoli and the rest of the cast — but Claire Coffee is brilliant.

Not a great week, but a good enough one. I’ll take the win!