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I am picking books for my trip. I don’t like ebooks, so when I travel, I still take paper books, and the choosing of them is a skill developed over a lifetime. Not too big but not too short, not too fast to read, not something I might start and then toss aside in boredom. For this trip, then, I am taking P.D. James on the mystery novel, a book an creativity and fear, an Icelandic travelogue, and two books I need to read for an awards jury I am on. Five paperbacks.

Many errands before I leave, and I have little-to-no ambition. Pack, sort out the car, sort out airport trips, sort out the gas bill (which I forgot to transfer when I moved).

I was bitten by a spider a couple of days ago, a brown recluse. I am watching the bite carefully, but it seems not to be getting worse in anything like a hurry. I do wonder whether the bite is why I am so tired, though I have lots of times gotten infections that didn’t leave me fatigued.

Oh, that’s right: I walked five miles yesterday. Perhaps that’s part of it?

Happy days lately. I am still not tired of looking out a window and feeling good. <3