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One of my most cherished possessions is this. Ursula (Le Guin. URSULA LE GUIN AAAAHHHHH) taught my Clarion West In 1987, so when I finished my first novel twelve years later, I timidly asked if she would give me a blurb. She send back a pleasant typed letter that said, no, she wasn’t doing blurbs at the moment but best of luck etc. etc. and so forth. I was sad but not at all surprised; I knew she was busy and probably got a million of these requests

And then, a few months later, I got this. After this, she always called me fox girl, on the rare occasions I saw her. Wow….Ursula Le Guin had a nickname for me. I have been fucking blessed

Because it’s just a postcard it gets lost and then refound periodically, each time after a panicked month or year of being positive I somehow threw it out by accident. This time, I found it tucked into the pocket of a notebook full of research for a book I am not writing. This time, this sucker is getting framed.