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In October, the fantastic artist Holly Elander and I collaborated on “Roll the Dice,” a words-and-pictures story for the literary magazine 7×7. This was exhilarating and hard in all the most interesting ways. Holly and I alternated work, and we each only had 24 hours to do each leg. I loved being pushed outside my comfort zone, and responding to Holly’s work, which kept going in deeply interesting ways. You can see the final project here

I can’t speak for what the experience was like for Holly, but even fast as it was, her work was all fascinating and beautiful. I especially fell in love with two pieces and after the fact, I asked her whether I could purchase them. And she was amazing: she gave them to me! This act of generosity still just blows me away. 

Anyway, they came today, and I love them even more in person. The painting is small and elegant; but I have to admit that the watercolor more or less captured, not just a great moment for the story, but my very soul. A wolf lounging on a stack of magazines giving the stink-eye to a rapidly leaving jay? That’s my entire interiority. 

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