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Yesterday was my first online teaching day: an undergraduate class and a graduate seminar. Most of the work is going to be asynchronous and as low-tech as I can make it. This has been a challenge to sort out for the peer workshops, but we managed, and I set up regular google chat hangouts for each course, which will serve as classtime and office hours. The picture above was taken five minutes before one of the classes; you can see my TA was still tinkering to get everything working properly!

Today is the first formal lockdown day. It started as gray as the last five days have, a drizzling, grizzling, self-pitying sort of sky and soggy squirrels lined up on my railing, curled up tight as they could be and still eat. But the sky cleared and the sun came out. I noticed that the hemlocks have a delicate fuzz of green that means the bleak little tangle behind my house will someday again be a woodland, thick with a noisy crowd of leaves chattering together in the breeze. 

More practically, that means the Cooper’s hawk that likes to sit in a nearby treetop and look down on the patio where I feed the animals will have to brunch elsewhere. Well, also ticks; but let’s look on the bright side? Also, I have possums that sometimes, late at night, come to the French doors that lead to my basement and peer amiably in. 

Today I had lovely phone conversations with my brother, and with Kathy, who was my best friend in high school (and married to one of my other best friends from high school). Kathy, Randall, and I are going to have skypetails this weekend. 

In some ways, I am making more connections now, trapped in my house, than I did when I was out in the world every day….