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Sorry for the radio silence. Like everyone, I have good days and bad days, dealing with all of this. There’s a lot of school stuff going on, and a lot of knee stuff. But also a lot of publishing stuff….

Us in Fluxis a project from the ASU Center for Science and the Imagination: very short stories engaging with themes like community and resilience, and and a live conversation. The first story is, “The Parable of the Tares,”  by Christopher Rowe, and his conversation Monday 4/13, will be with Michael Bell. Mine will be the second story, “An Attempt at Exhausting My Deck,” which will go live Thursday 6/16; followed Monday 4/20 with a live conversation with ecologist and writer Jessie Rack. You can sign up from their website, here

It’s now final, after what feels like years: one of my stories has been optioned for Hollywood! A second story is in the final contract stages. This is lovely news, but just to be clear, it does not mean Hollywood will but these stories….

Conjunctions Online sent a link to “The Apartment Dweller’s Dream Book” around as the archived story featured in their weekly email. 

And I listed in over on FB, but didn’t post here: there’s a fantastic interview I did with William Cain, over at TechTrends. “Words and Worlds: A Conversation on Writing, Craft, and the Power of Deep Fandom with Kij Johnson.” It’s behind a firewall, but one of the authors, Punya Mishra, has posted it here.


Good days and bad days — but also, sometimes busy days. I have a specific high-impact departmental task that is finished by next Thursday or so; I’ll be here between now and then, but perhaps not as often as I want.