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A timeline of the last six days:

  • Thursday, 8am. Car goes in to the Subaru dealer: all the telltales are going off, and the computer is rebooting as I drive. Ugh!
  • Thursday, 10am. Therapy. Not much to talk about, everything’s busy but cool. Yay!
  • Thursday, 11am. Email from someone we’ll call Mike. Ex-BF; we broke up when he moved his ex back to live with him while I was gone two summers ago. I had written a courtesy email on Wednesday: moving in a couple of weeks; hope all is well; maybe we should have lunch sometime. His response: yeah, forgot to mention: ex died, and then I hooked up with someone else and got married within months; and if you want lunch you’ll have to pick me up as I don’t drive any more. Even though it’s been a couple of years, and he was tedious enough that I was relieved when we broke up, I nevertheless find myself ridiculously pissed off.
  • Thursday, 11:30am. Subaru dealer: Okay, there’s something wrong with your transmission. $1600 to fix. Me: WTF? But I just had that replaced, in St. Louis in March! At immense expense! There’s a warranty! Subaru dealer: But is there? Meanwhile, as the head of service at the Lawrence dealer tries to get someone on the line from St. Louis to get the details, it’s best not to drive it, and leave it down there.
  • Thursday midday. Misc. nail-biting. I have to be able to drive 15 boxes and the organizer to a charity auction in KC, 50 miles away, by 9am Friday. Plus daily commute there over the weekend. No one has a car they can lend me. So…
  • Thursday, 3:30pm. Scoot down to the dealer. They still can’t reach the St. Louis dealer. Scoot to Enterprise. Rent the last car they have, a Santa Fe in navy blue, for $360, to bring back Tuesday, since they’re not open Sunday or Monday. Drive SUV to house, walk 3 miles back to Enterprise, scoot home.
  • Friday, 7:00am. Load SUV, pick up Kevin, drive to KC. Still weirdly pissed off about Mike.
  • Friday. Charity silent auction. Fill out hundreds of bid tickets. Dinner after we close at 6. Drive home in a streaming storm at 10:00pm.
  • Saturday, 7:00am. Ditto, minus Kevin and storm.
  • Sunday, 7:00am-6:00pm. Drive to KC, close the silent auction, run for the voice auction, pack everything up, drive self and Kevin and Galen home.
  • Sunday, 7:00pm. Alcoholic milkshakes and elotes: the perfect meal.
  • Monday. Finish my grades, which were due Monday. Lots and lots of school work and emails. Drop off SUV, see movie (The Hustle, which is Dirty Rotten Scoundrels beat by beat, in a good way. Pass out at 11:30.
  • Tuesday. Set up new class; lose $65; help for seven hours with prepping an estate sale in the house I am supposed to move into next week. Oh, and a tornado. Which was huge, but about three miles away.

And that is how I forget to write anything for days and days, dear people!

The rest of this week is similarly busy: prepping for the estate sale all day today, plus reading grad student work. Prepping, meeting with said grad students, and meeting my future neighbors tomorrow. Then Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, all day, the estate sale marches forward.

Monday will be my next official day off. Cross your fingers…..