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January: always very busy, what with graduate admissions, annual reports, prepping the spring classes, and the moment when graduate dissertations and theses start to feel like out-of-control toboggan runs. This year further complicated by a hiring process, plus a grant, plus some dayjob stuff. I am in no way ready for class to start in a little over a week, but I think that I will be. I am on schedule or ahead of the game on many of these things, though a few are feeling perilous.

I’ve been visiting my mom, which has been (a) scenic as fuck and (b) very enjoyable. They had a foot or more of snow up here last week, and everything is postcard-pretty: the pine trees heavily frosted, piles of cleared snow like mountains. The roads are mostly clear, but back streets and parking lots are caked over. People park where they they think they remember the lines are, and the rows of cars straggle across the lots. As for the enjoyable part, we have been working on jigsaw puzzled, and I have been reading her mysteries, Jill Paton Walsh this time.

Not too much to say at the moment. I am mostly just getting started again, after a couple of weeks when I was too fried to write here. So, hello again!