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“The Privilege of the Happy Ending” is on the final ballot for the World Fantasy Award. I am delighted and honored.

I haven’t been online that much these two weeks because I’m teaching a graduate class that meets every single day for three hours. It’s incredibly satisfying — I am learning so much from these students and the readings we have found — but grueling. It’s over tomorrow evening, and I think I will spend all day Saturday sleeping.

The car broke down and is currently at the shop. They assure me that this time mends all: we shall see. I’ll pick it up tomorrow and drive it little bits until I know whether they spoke truth. If not, I will start to think about buying a new car. It needs to be AWD, good on highways, smaller than my Forester, and as cheap as I can make it.

I have been posting over on Patreon:

August plans are afoot: I’ll be in Seattle for a few days after an Alaska trip with my mother and brother — and after that, plans for the winter break! News anon.

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  1. That’s so cool and exciting about the award news – recognition well deserved, and what great timing to hear about it while your wonderful class is still meeting! Congratulations.

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