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If all went well, I will be finishing up in Iceland as of now. I should be home later this week, and back to the shrill white noise of life shortly after that, though I am hoping to have taken the edge off a bit with this chance to assess my life and simultaneously write my butt off. Details when I snap back into the primary timeline.

My birthday is this Thursday and because flights and plans shifted back in November, I will be spending it on an early-morning domestic flight after the flight from Iceland late the day before. I have made no plans, and I am not sure whether I will regret spending the day jet-lagged and mostly alone — but it is what it is. For all I know, I will be trapped still in Iceland, or home ten days earlier, or drinking in an airport bar as I await news about a flight. Strange to think about coming back when I haven’t even gone yet!

Anyway, I’ll see you in Real Time, soon enough–

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