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In reverse order, perhaps?

I got food poisoning or something? That’s what yesterday was all about, when I would normally have written here, ordered more pet food, etc. To be honest it’s a bit of a blur, but it seems to be better now. I had a small supper last night and survived the experience, and today I seem to have more energy. We’ll see what I feel like after lunch.

I was invited to give a talk at Clark College in Vancouver. I love giving these talks and say yes whenever I can. So, Portland, I will be in you for a couple of days around and about 10/20, though my time will be mostly spoken for by the school.

I spent a few days in Wisconsin Dells with my brother’s family. Rich and his family are wonderful people, but the only times I ever get to see them are when I am on my way through Minnesota to or from my mom’s house, or for 24 stressful hours around Christmas — and now the kids are all old enough that they live elsewhere, and seeing everyone (or, well, anyone) is harder than ever. Rich and Laura decided to rent a giant cabin a few miles outside of a pleasant tourist trap, and either they invited me or I invited myself, none of us can remember; but it was a really good time. They’re planning on doing this again, and I cannot wait!

The only downside was the last eighteen hours, when Rich’s car broke down and had to be towed to a dealership fifty miles away. I drove them back to the Twin Cities and then came home myself, a twelve-hour driving day–which reminds me, no more twelve-hour driving days.

Last Monday(ish), I sent in the final, complete version of the short story collection. I am waiting not very patiently for the last bits and bobs to sort themselves out, as I sent him a pile of questions with the packet, and he hasn’t replied.

My WVU visit is looming! (Speaking of driving days.) It’s exhilarating to see it all coming into focus. More details next week.

More generally, cat is well, self is well (except for food poisoning, I mean), life is well.

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