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On my way to West Virginia to give a talk, and incidentally to talk a bunch about SF in and outside academia. It’s been fun to do the thinking leading up to this. At the moment, I am outside Indianapolis in a La Quinta, getting organized for the day’s short drive.

So, five things really fast! It’s hard to concentrate on this post, when I am about to hit the road. So, let’s see….

  1. No matter what you take for a trip in September, it’s always the wrong weight for the weather. I foresee wearing the same sweater five days in a row, because it’s that, short sleeves, or a casual jeans jacket.
  2. My car (Mazda CX-30), drives like a dream on freeways. It’s terrible for sightseeing — the windows are just too small — but any time I am not trying to look at mountains or lakes as I pass, it’s perfect. Now, if they can just stop the seat-heaters from going on automatically….
  3. Whenever I travel, I always seem to end up in Mexican restaurants. Every town has one or more, and it’s always good enough. Also, margaritas.
  4. Family and friends are such a support. In the last week, as I was prepping for all this, I talked to probably ten people, some of them repeatedly.
  5. Looking forward to seeing WV. I haven’t been there since I was a girl, but I love the Appalachians whenever I see them. I hope to do a bit of hiking, and I know I will take a lot of photographs.
  6. The worst part of grant writing seems to be figuring out HOW to write them.

Well, that was six things. I’ll have much more next time I check in, when I am not so distracted.

(…and here’s this week’s locked Patreon post.)

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