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Alas, no photos for the next few days. We have to sort out what’s going on but there’s been no time, and there may not be before next weekend. So, the weekend…

Friday afternoon, Hannah defended her thesis with great elan. Shortly after that, my nephew Paul and his friend Todd come down for a visit. Their mission: take home the queen-sized bed in my guest room, which I am replacing. We eat barbecue and talk and talk and talk. Not only is my nephew wonderful, he has excellent taste in friends.

Saturday, Jean comes in from out of town and needs into my garage to pick up some stuff, a task that involves taking half the summer workshop crates down and opening them, then putting them all back. The plumbing backs up: a total coincidence, though he of course does not think so — I mop everything up and turn off the water. Paul and Todd, who have gone for a walk or something return during this; we go to Chris’s house to look at a sofa they might take home. They decide to do so, but that means a trailer, so we reserve one and head over to pick it up. The van has a hitch but no wiring, so we make an appointment for a towing harness to be installed – the next day. Plumbing is working that night. Various other things happen, but honestly, so much was going on, I couldn’t keep track.

This morning we drop off the van for the wiring harness and go to breakfast, but Jean comes back unexpectedly to do something else. And then the toilet stops working, so I turn off the water again. We retrieve the van with a trailer and load the trailer with the sofa. The guys go for a hike. And then the other toilet stops working, and then the sink backs up. Landlord comes. Guys come back from their hike; we disassemble the bed and pack everything into the van and trailer, and I send them off. Half an hour ago, the plumber finally shows up. So I now have plumbing but no nephew and friend, alas. Still, plumbing but no guests is better than guests but no plumbing.

This week is also quite busy:

Marc is in town tomorrow, leaving a coffee table he built for me: then dinner.

Tuesday is 14 hours of school.

Wednesday I leave for St. Louis for the craft talk at Lindenwood University on Thursday, plus other activities. Friday, I relocate to Columbia to talk through the applicants for the Novel Workshop with Barbara. Sunday, I scrabble desperately to catch up. And all of this is why I have no pictures for you.