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(Still unable to upload new images, so here’s one from right after I started this blog. Soon, dear people!)

This has been a, shall we say, challenging week. (Some are, some aren’t.) Tuesday I managed to fuck up publicly and spectacularly in a meeting. Wednesday I drove to St. Louis for the talk, which went well (my fantastic host, Gillian, says they will post it, and I will let you all know when it goes up) — but the transmission blew while I was there. It likely was stressed by the engine meltdown last summer and eventually just gave up. There was not much I or anyone could have done to predict or mitigate it — but it did leave me feeling as though I were living the low-budget version of August’s disastrous drive home from Seattle to Lawrence, which entailed $7000 for a new engine, a $1000 car rental, and twenty extra hours of driving. The transmission and installation will cost $5500, money I had but had earmarked for something else. So: not as bad as it could be, but still, not how I expected the week to go.

Apart from that, the month has been going surprising well: I have had a lot of advisees, but I am still on top of it all. My classes have been phenomenal. The novel workshop this summer is starting to shape up, as well. Applied for a grant, something I seldom get around to. Cat remains adorable. And spring is approaching.