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I will be able to start using pics again in a few days!

Moving. So now we’re back to where we started a week ago, Plan B: Move everything to the new place 6/6; stay in a hotel for a couple of days and the dorms for a month, then squat at the new place until it’s painted and cleaned. I really hope that no new thing arises. I need to either hire a moving company or pay friends and rent a truck, is the next thing.

Reading. I have been reading a lot lately. Currently I am reading The High Place, high fantasy from 1923 by James Branch Cabell, perhaps the most delightfully cynical book I have ever read.

Before that, though was The Travelling Cat Chronicles, by Hiro Arikawa, a book uniquely sincere and sweet-tempered. This is a three-hanky book in the best sense, and at the ending I cried so hard I had to go for a walk to settle down. Moving between these two was an emotional whipsaw

Tomorrow I leave for the North American Review Conference in Cedar Falls, IA. I grew up half an hour from Waterloo and Cedar Falls, where I took swimming lessons and, later, music lessons. It has changed a lot, I know, but I will be there for the full weekend, so perhaps I will have a chance to see some of it. If you are around, I’ll be giving a master class Saturday at 10, and a reading at 11:15. I think I’ll read some of the little flash pieces I put on Patreon, plus something longer. See you there?